12 Months Ago, We Tripled Our Check Size, & Here’s What Happened 💰📈

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One year ago, Boost VC made a decision to invest $500k into each accelerator company — the most of any accelerator.


  • 🚀🚀 SciFi Startups need more capital to get off the ground. Hard technical challenges take time.

  • 💸 All startups need more than $100k to compete.

  • ⏱️ Seed rounds have gotten larger/later and more traction is needed to get there. We have seen this to be even more true during COVID; investors need more traction or a longer relationship with the founder, which makes for a more difficult fundraise for founders.

What have we learned?

  • Founders want more money (Imagine that!) from an accelerator. Our application numbers have increased by 20% each session since the announcement.

  • Second-time founders understand the importance of money from Day 1. Now, more than 50% of the founders we accept are second-time founders.

  • Not all founders NEED to fundraise right after the program. $500k is usually 12–18 months of runway. Founders now pitch at demo day when they’re ready, not to survive.

What is Demo Day now?

  • Of 150 active companies, at demo day, you’ll see the 10–15 companies that are actually ready to raise seed rounds.

  • You’ll see many second-time founders pitching, usually with 12+ months of runway.

  • Boost VC’s demo day is even cooler than ever — it’s the best place to get a peek into the future.

More than ever, we need the future leaders to be building a better world. It’s time to invest in Sci-Fi Tech! That’s why we’ve sought out founders building the latest technologies in order to make that happen: Oceans, Space, Virtual Reality, Crypto, Biotech, and more. These founders will build a better future.

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