Boost VC Founder Profile: Christoph Fleischmann of Arthur Digital

The VR Meetings for the enterprise company raises $2.5m

Image of Brayton Williams, Adam Draper, Nik Reiber and Christoph Fleischmann

At Boost VC, we invest in Amazing Humans and we want you to hear their stories, insights, knowledge and all around awesomeness. As builders and leaders, they work tirelessly towards their vision of the future they want to realize. Our founders make science fiction a reality and we want to show off their superpowers!  

Meet Christoph Fleischmann, CEO/Co-Founder of Arthur Technologies. Using its “true-to-life avatars”, Arthur is a virtual office and hangout space that frees companies from the constraints of geophysical location. Possibilities are endless in Arthur: teams can share files, show presentations, watch videos together, as well as adjourn to private sessions. On December 8th, Arthur VR announced a $2.5M fundraise led by Draper Associates. Arthur has also just released the new version for beta testing - available on the Quest headsets. Not only is this a big deal for connection the world, but also for an entire ecosystem of VR startups!

3 years ago Virtual Reality was at its lowest point. The only headsets that were out were the Vive and the Oculus Rift and there were less than 100k active users (probably less). Virtual Reality as an industry was being largely ignored by investors, which is Boost VC’s favorite time to get in! We were introduced to Christoph Fleischmann, located in Munich. A referral sent by another VR founder Hamza Siddiqui.

The thing that stood out to me was that Christoph and Nik (his co-founder) were pushing to have our meeting in their product! This at the time wasn’t the way VR pitches worked, demoing from a distance was largely a failed experiment for VR, it was time consuming and cumbersome, but we installed it and jumped in.

Christoph and Nik were in Germany and we were in San Mateo, but we had a super productive and efficient meeting in VR. It’s difficult to describe in specifics unless you have tried Virtual Reality, but the office meeting room was floating in Space, which felt like as good a setting as any to meet. I enjoyed it so much we decided to invest… but that’s not all… we decided to be the first investors to SIGN A DEAL IN VIRTUAL REALITY. Christoph Fleischmann and his co-founder Nik Treiber hacked together a basic build in order to upload a document and sign it:

I once gave a presentation at a massive JetBlue Ventures event (Here is the deck), telling them that their competition in 10 years wasn’t airplanes, it was Virtual Reality Meetings. Arthur is going to devour the business travel/ airline industry in 10 years. The pandemic fast forwarded that timeline. Think of the amount of gas and energy that will be saved by using this product! VR is ClimateTech!!!


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