Christmas and Bitcoin.

Family and Bitcoin.

*I use the word Bitcoin to describe the entire Crypto space. It’s out of habit from being around a while.

Someone recently asked me for general advice around the sentiment of Crypto, as they go home for the holidays.

Family is great. They love you unconditionally and they call you on your crap. During the sometimes stressful holidays, family also may ask you questions like “how’s that Bitcoin investment working out for you?” with a smug grin, and if you have been supportive of Crypto in the last year, you may have an uncle who thought the Bitcoin investment you made was a bad idea, and will want to rub it in your face with an “I told you so.” when the markets are down, people love the “I told you so.”

You know what I find solace in? One Bitcoin is still worth one Bitcoin.

Rather than think of this as a “how am I going to convince them that crypto is a good idea,” try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment:

  • Bitcoin’s success means change like we have never seen in our life time. Change greater than the internet. And that could be scary, and for most - unfathomable.

  • Bitcoin might challenge their fundamental beliefs in how economics works, and what governance is. And that can be scary.

  • They may have never taken the time to understand it, and enjoy being right.

The first time I told my grandfather about Bitcoin in 2012, he told me

“It can’t work, currency cannot work without government support.”

This sentiment was voiced across the board when speaking to his generation.

My grandfather worked for the government, in fact he was the head of the Export/Import bank for the government. The random belief that anyone other than the government could control the regulation of currency would have been very difficult to immediately believe, and being told that by your smart assed 25 year old grandchild would have diminished credibility in the message a little bit.

The following year I was speaking on a panel with my Dad and my grandfather and as usual I was preaching the gospel of Bitcoin, and my grandfather said,

“Don’t be the first Draper to go to prison.”

To which my Dad responded and said,

“Who said he would be.”

Last year, as the enthusiasm grew and he saw banks getting involved and credible brands jumping into the space, he finally conceded that my Dad and I might be on to something.

In tumultuous times like the present, whether in Crypto or not, people will take less risk and resort back to their core beliefs. In the seven years of being pro-Bitcoin, I have learned that it’s not my job to convince the world that it’s the future, its only my job to open the door and evoke curiosity.

At the end of the day it is not how your family approaches you about Bitcoin or Crypto, it is about whether or not you feel you made a mistake by buying Bitcoin.

I believe that Bitcoin is the future. It’s as simple as that.

I’m flexible on many things, I’m shakeable in many decisions, but on Bitcoin and the crypto community I am unwavering.