Co-Founders Day!

The Greatest Startup Holiday, with Avocado Toast.

It’s Co-Founders Day!!! Co-Founders day is exactly what you think it is, a celebration of your Co-Founder, on the Wednesday after the Thursday of Thanksgiving. In order to participate, make or buy avocado toast, give it to your co-founder and celebrate them!

I have started two companies, Xpert Financial and Boost VC. And the founding teams of both of those companies deserve to be celebrated on a day like today!

My first startup family was Xpert Financial, led by Thomas Foley, and navigated by Annie Pearl and David Pearl. I learned so much surrounded by such driven and talented co-workers/friends. It would take too long to go into detail about how incredible they are, so I will just take this sentence to say “THEY ARE AWESOME.” and I’m lucky that we are still friends. At Xpert we became a broker dealer against all odds, did millions of dollars in transactions, and provided a gateway service towards secondary markets of today and crowdfunding platforms. I’m proud that Xpert ended up being the incubator for the beginning of so many great careers, and it feels like all of us are just getting started.

Brayton Williams became my co-founder after exiting Xpert Financial. We founded Boost VC in 2012 where he was paid for 6 months in Mongolian bbq and 1v1 basketball games. 7.5 years later, we have invested in 300+ startup, while building out a network and organization that was unfathomable during our first tribe (cohort). We are seven years into our voyage, and we couldn’t have made it here without Brayton. The key to our success has been communication and mutual respect. He’s thoughtful and data driven, and I’m pure enthusiasm. And most of all, we both love Boost VC founders.

Co-Founders are important. At Boost VC, we have found that Solo-Founders fail twice as fast, twice as often. Being in the trenches with someone adds an additional layer of commitment, and an additional layer of reality to your early projects. The importance of these relationships goes overlooked in the day to day, so obviously today, we celebrate those who joined our visions, or co-created visions early!

Co-Founders are there for you when the rest of the world is not. Happy Co-Founders Day!