Guesser Acquired by Gemini

Two weeks ago Gemini announced their acquisition of the Guesser team. Guesser was a part of the 12th session of Boost VC, but their story with us started far before that.

In 2014 we invested in a company that eventually broke into two crypto projects, one a protocol for data oracles called Witnet, and one was software for building DAOs. Danielle Levi and Luis Cuende founded that company. They were based in Spain and had been experimenting with Bitcoin for years. I just loved the their energy.

It’s amazing how global the crypto talent pool was even in 2014.

I went to visit Spain in 2018, and one of my meetings was to visit Witnet. Danielle was so welcoming. I met his whole team, he introduced me all around the room, and then he pulled me aside and said “But an intern on our team, you have to meet this guy.”

We walk into a room and the two guys are set up to give me a pitch.

Jose was one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. He taught me so much about how protocols and DAPPs worked. He understood how people actually used crypto at the time, and how they were going to use crypto. It was one of the first moments I had where I realized how impossible it was going to be to keep up in the crypto world, things were changing so fast.

In that room, I knew I was going to invest in whatever Jose ended up building. When Jose and Carlos ended up launching their project he reached out and joined Boost VC. They were in the same Boost session as Nifty Gateway, Unstoppable Domains and a few other epic next generation crypto companies.

This is a long way of saying that, Gemini came up big. Carlos and Jose are going to be huge assets to their team, and I’m proud that we got to be a part of their journey. I believe we are going to see great things come out of these two founders. I’m a fan.

Thank you to Danielle Levi for the introduction.