Happy Thanksgiving... and get ready for Co-Founders Day!!!

How to start a holiday.

Have you imagined starting a holiday? The ultimate entrepreneurial task - Start a movement that is mandated by the government to think about once a year. Everyone blames Hallmark for Valentines day, and Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ birthday, actually most of the major holidays correlate to religious tradition more than government. That’s pretty interesting, except Thanksgiving… nothing religious about an American Thanksgiving…except that the Pilgrims used to celebrate weeks of giving thanks to God and that’s how it really started. But now it’s about football, and black Friday.

It feels as though Holidays go through a similar process that startups would, a small group of people celebrate it consistently until it gains unstoppable force. If Wikipedia is correct (which it always is), Thanksgiving has been celebrated all the way back to 1789, but good Ol’ Abe Lincoln in 1863, during the Civil War, proclaimed it a Federal Holiday. So a solid 70 years of lead time before the government decided to recognize it, and potentially even longer if you date it all the way back to the Pilgrims.

So we better get started.

I’m going to start a new holiday. You heard it here first, it is going to be called Co-Founders Day, and it will recognize your chosen family of builders. It will occur the Monday following the 4th Thursday of every November.

How you can celebrate Co-Founders Day in your office:

  • Give a High five to someone and say “Happy Co-Founders Day"

  • Run a 10k on next Monday and tell everyone “I ran a 10k for Co-Founders Day.“

  • Give your co-founder a present, mostly something funny, like your left over bacon or the avocado from your avocado toast. And then give them a big hug.

  • I would like Co-Founders day to own “the hug” it is mandated that on Co-Founders day, everyone gives hugs as a sign of respect.

  • Lots of GIFs are to be shared on email/Slack and whatever other messaging service you use.

  • The food of Co-Founders Day is Cup O Noodles Ramen.

So Happy Thursday before Co-Founders Day!!! Get ready for the big event on Monday!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

By Adam Draper

I ponder as a VC.

It's a quick one minute read to make you think, smile, or laugh.

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