I'm doing everything :). I'm doing everything :(

Basically these are the two states of a startup.

In the early days of a startup, especially for first time founders, there’s this self confidence in understanding everything that goes on under the hood of your company. As a CEO and Founder, the early days are where you establish your obsession, and begin building your seedling brand. You take pride in the “doing everything” mentality.

However championships are won by teams, not individuals.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

Leading a startup is all about the transition from “doing everything”, to “doing one thing.” The important part is clear communication and process across the organization.

As the leader of your organization, the transition from “doing everything,” to “doing one thing,” often comes with growing pains. Team pains, personal pains, customer pains.

I believe there are two things that make a great startup. A leader who constantly iterates on herself and communicates, and a product that has a fast iteration loop.

In order to scale yourself, you have to trust to people on your team to be better than you at everything.

By Adam Draper

I ponder as a VC.

It's a quick one minute read to make you think, smile, or laugh.

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