My Request for Startups

Tribe 14 Request for Startups

The concept of request for startups is so fun. Imagine a solution that should be in the world, and hope that someone is building it. Without the internet, and distributed social channels, I’m not sure it would work well. But we have them, so they do!

Boost VC releases different lists based around different technology every year. For my personal RFS though, this will be a surprisingly incomplete list of random solutions/technologies I want to exist:

Reminder: Apply to Boost VC for your first $500k investment.

  • I would like the ability to make a website, using just my voice

  • What would a voice based website feel like?

  • I want web shooter/grappling hook like spider-man, but I’m not sure how my shoulders can handle the swinging

  • I would love for someone to diagnose my health based on my morning routine toilet sample

  • I want an Ocean city

  • While on the topic, I want a company to scan the entire ocean

  • A device that allows humans to communicate with animals (Dogs would probably be first)

  • The world needs more oysters and seaweed - who can help with this?

  • I think human imaginations are shrinking, I want someone to take on that problem and expand the mind

  • Redesign and launch a school - lots of these are about to happen

  • Using a new financing model to invest in creators, and getting upside

  • We are moving from the web to the personalized web, what does that look like?

  • Bitcoin

  • Virtual Reality, but Hogwarts

  • 3D printer for houses that does the “Tom’s Shoes” 1 for 1 model, and starts giving houses to people who need them in 3rd world countries

  • Hyper localized insurance products

If you know anyone building any of these, or anyone who is so amazing that they are building other things, please introduce them to me or have them apply to