Open Call for the Next Generation Government Contractors


Government Contractors have been the long standing innovation suck of the country. It’s a monopoly, but instead of just one winner there are 5: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and General Dynamics. 

By investing in “Sci-Fi”, Boost VC has been able to invest in founders who are building Jetpacks (Gravity and Jetpack Aviation), Wearable Robots (ROAM Robotics), Nuclear Fission (Radiant Nuclear), Space Jets (Venus Aerospace), Space Tug Boats (Starfish Space), Rocket Launchers (Launcher) and more! The one common denominator when you invest in these Sci-Fi categories is that they eventually contract with the government. 

Whether that’s the DOE, DARPA, the Air Force, or some super secret organization that I don’t know, these startups cross paths with the government as a customer or partner. 10 years ago, working with the government was a death sentence to a startup because the government would take so long to make decisions, the startup would die from inaction. In recent years I have watched as the government became more self-aware about their lack of technological innovation, and started to work hand in hand with startups rather than against them. The first signs of success here are Elon Musk with Spacex and Palmer Luckey with Anduril.

We currently live in a world where the government relationships and checkbooks are dominated by 5 government contractors. I believe that these 5, $100+ Billion dollar government contractors will be dismantled into 500 startup, $1B government contractors. At Boost VC we have been, and will continue to invest in these innovative technologies which require the government as a partner or customer. More competitive contractors means more innovative technologies and a far better future.

The world is changing. Governments are no longer building the breakthrough technologies that the private sector would commercialize. For the first time, the government is required to move beyond their silo and expand their working relationship with the private sector and we at Boost VC want to accelerator that trend!

The next 10 years will be about startups aligning with governments as customers and partners to further innovation. Investors should be embracing this shift. At Boost VC, we are looking for solutions for climate change, ocean cities, energy, space colonies, hoverboards, Time travel devices and all other awesome things -- Let’s make innovation awesome!

If you feel, you are a startup government contractor in software, hardware, bio, space, oceans or time travel, please get in touch or apply here.