Results of Bitcoin Auction #1

Last week I auctioned off a Michael Jordan Rookie card (From when he was on the White Sox)

Michael Jordan Rookie | Revue

Things I Write. - I’m back. I took a break from writing, only to realize I missed it. Reply to this email to bid for the card.


This was a fun experiment to start to truly embody the technologies I have chosen to focus my efforts on. I wanted to start to up the number of transactions that occurred with Bitcoin.

The starting bid was $2.50

  • 5% of my subscribers bid (which I thought was incredible)

  • 90% of bids were above $10

  • 90% of bids were in BTC

  • There were two bids above $100

  • The winning bid was $250

Tomorrow I will be auctioning another card:

A 1992 Spider-man vs. Venom, Marvel Masterpiece.

Notes about this experiment:

Over a period of auctions I may actually make some real money on this, I promise to do something fun (not for myself) with that money, like buy a class of students VR headsets or buy a billboard on the 101 that just says “BITCOIN.”

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