Seeking The Religion of You.

People seeking identity.

I wear orange pants every day. I think my life’s mission is to make orange pants as ubiquitous as a suit and tie. What a great word, ubiquitous… I used it correctly too.

Not everyone is a part of the orange pants wearing religion, in order to do so, you have to wear orange pants. We have a very vibrant culture, I recommend getting a pair, it’s very liberating. Two weeks ago I was at a British “Black Tie Gala” wearing orange pants, and having a blast. There was legitimately a princess there, but I was liberated by the religion of orange pants, everyone completely understood.

If I were to describe Venture Capital society in three concepts today, I would say “Vests, All-Birds, Everyone’s a VC.” Notice, I didn’t say innovative or risk takers. But I did describe what we wear like it’s a uniform.

Uniforms are interesting, it allows a subset of people to be made fun of for wearing vests and All Birds, but it’s also about grouping people under one “uniform” identity. An identity that represents them, and they feel represented by. Careers have become the new religions.

I took a Lyft to the airport this morning. My driver was a disgruntled Starbuck’s employee who felt that the big corporation had made millions of false promises to her. She continued to berate “B-Corporations” as just being false promises of building for a purpose. I listened to her. I tried to really hear what was driving her negative outlook and thought process. And after deliberating, I believe it was a passionate desire to believe in something - anything, that delivers on what she believes is right.

We are at a critical historical point in history when people are able to express themselves on an unforeseen scale using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok.... It is challenging everyones concept of identity, it is challenging individuals to choose what they believe in. It’s forcing individuals to stand up for their identity, and define themselves in a global sense of the word.

In general this is an amazing thing, but for those who are still searching for their voice it must be overwhelming to be forced into opinions that they may not share, but feel they need to represent based on friend groups. Not only that, there are so many consumer brands now, so many celebrities believing in so many things. Decision fatigue on your identity has never been more flooded with options.

… Now, let’s add digital identity.

Are you a Slack user? A Microsoft “Teams” user? What does that say about yourself? Or do you use the open-source product?

Do you focus your time on Instagram or TikTok? How about Facebook? Fortnite?

We are at the earliest stages of digital products representing identity. This will lead to premium software brands, new worlds, new communication, new friend groups, and defined digital identity.

I’m pro-orange pants. I’m ok if you are “Orange Pants Neutral.” I’m even more ok with you being “Anti-Orange pants.” Because this opinion will teach you about yourself. :)

Good luck finding your pant color.