I’m not sure this is a life lesson or not, but something spilled in the back of my car two weeks ago (a keg of beer). It was lying on its side, but the faucet of the keg was pressed by the keg rolling around, and suddenly there’s a half gallon of beer absorbing into the floor of the trunk.

That in itself is fairly annoying. So over the next week, I try to ignore the smell. That didn’t work. It only got worse.

So we tried airing it out, leaving all the doors and windows open for a couple hours, and it felt better… until we closed all the doors and windows again.

Then it got so bad that I decided to go hard on the problem. I did research and I drenched it with vinegar and baking powder. I took all the carpets out. I assumed that the stench had seeped into everything and anything. 

And now the spot where the beer was spilled, smells more like soft bread, not old beer.

The next day though, there was another smell in the car. It was a new smell, coming from a completely different area of the car. It was coming from the front console area where you store random stuff between the front two seats. So I do the same thing… drench in vinegar, cover in baking soda. 

The next day, the worse stench is still there, and somehow got worse.

It turns out while airing out the car for the beer spill, an animal of some kind got into the center console, where I can’t uncover the space, and died. So we have a dead animal in my car now, and I can’t figure out how to get it out.

I’m not sure there’s a lesson here, maybe sometimes the solution to one problem gives you a worse one? Sometimes I do believe that there are invisible beings laughing at us when things like this happen. When you stub your toe, trip on your face or somehow trap an animal in your car to stink it up.

So, does anyone know how to solve this smell problem?