Stuck Heels.

A discussion on small things.

In the Biography of Steve Jobs by Sir Walter Isaacson, there was an entire section on ridiculous things that Steve Jobs stuck his heels in the ground for in order to get his way. The one that stands out to me was rounded corners on rectangles for their art product. The person who was designing all the shapes you could make thought that rounded corners on rectangles was too rare to be in the application, so Jobs spent hours walking him around, pointing out rounded corners on cars and windows and buildings until he wore the person down.

JK Rowling, who wrote Harry Potter, was interviewed after all the movies were made, and she mentioned how the things that she argued for in the movies wouldn’t have been the things you would have expected. She would always yell at the director when “That character would NEVER use that spell!”

These seemingly small decisions make up what builds the brands of the products. They seem inconsequential and ridiculous to the other person, but that attention to detail carries over to the rest of the product.

I always try to ask myself, what are my random things that I stick my heels in the ground for. The seemingly innocuous details that make up our brand, where I am unshakeable. Sometimes there are tiny things that I fight for, and then seemingly huge things that I let pass. Life is weird.

By Adam Draper

I ponder as a VC.

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