Submarine Pitchers.

Sports and pitching

Have you ever thrown a perfect spiral? Or shot a swish? Or hammered the perfect serve? Or what about a perfect strike? I think that these are four of the best feelings in the world, its like the perfect combination of sound, movement, and satisfaction. It’s because you would have had to do it enough to understand what a perfect throw for you was, but also a perfect throw for you is not the perfect throw for everyone. Everyone is different.

There are so few submarine/side arm pitchers. Walter Johnson would have had to learn what his best pitch was himself. No one teaches you to be a submarine pitcher. Everyone says “throw more over hand.” When you are learning to throw. That is how most people do it, and that is the lesson to teach the majority of people to learn to throw. If you think about the goal of the game, however, - to strike out the opponent, then learning a unique style makes more sense. You would be laughed at for years, but then feared. You want to be different, you want people to question your game play.

BTW, Walter johnson had 110 career shutouts, all time career leader.

I’m constantly in search of the perfect pitch (no pun intended). I take thousands of meetings a year, with the goal of seeing a submarine pitcher. Someone who thinks about the end goal and has come to a rare conclusion about how to get there. Someone who is playing a different game than every one else, and is making up new rules to it.

The perfect pitch is different for everyone.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss

At Boost VC, we use the word ‘frequency’ to describe entrepreneurs and that is what I am describing right now. Are they operating on a different ‘frequency’ is a question that our deal team often asks each other as we are coming to a conclusion. So as you go through your days, figure out what about the problem you are attacking, are you attacking differently than everyone else - and figure out how to explain that simply. And then pitch it sideways.

By Adam Draper

I ponder as a VC.

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