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The Importance of Virtual Reality in the World.

I’m a true believer in Virtual Reality, but what makes something important? What makes it stand out above the rest of technologies being developed today?

  • Potential impact to the largest number of people on the planet.

Before the internet, the adoption of VR would have been impossible, because global network effects were impossible to fathom. Because we have four billion people on the planet, connected to one network, we can now start to think about how other technologies could connect the world. I believe one of the most important ones is Virtual Reality.

  • Expansion of the mind.

Life is about feeding your brain. You read books, watch movies, listen to your friends, all to feed the brain and connect things through your lens of the world. Virtual Reality will allow that immersion to happen more. I believe that Virtual Reality networks will not look like Social networks, each application will feed into each part of your brain and dive deeper. One example of this would be the product “Where Thoughts go,”, which uses Virtual Reality to create empathy between people. VR is all about the limitless expansion of the mind. I think that VR is the solution to depression, there will be applications that train the brain.

  • Connection to other people.

We have evolved to have non-verbal or textual communication. Body language is supposedly 93% of communication, yet we have only been working with 7% of communication on the internet. We have so many more connections to make! I believe we are building the worlds largest nation, and that nation will have it’s own cultural Meme’s and accents. As humans, this is such an exciting time to strive for new changes in society through connection. Being together is the killer application of VR, humans need to connect, and this allows the connection of being in the same room as someone else. Loneliness won’t need to be a thing anymore.

  • Imagination and creativity.

VR is magic. Literally magic. If you want to go to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry, it will be fully possible in the next couple years. Super-hot is VR game that freezes time when you are not moving, in almost every app you teleport, I can browse the entire world and beyond using VR today. Even if you just think about Harry Potter enthusiasts, this is going to be a massive market. Disneyland is a very hardware oriented experience that you can deliver with software today! The future of experience is Virtual reality.

  • Save the most people, the most time.

VR has already delivered net positive ROI to Boost VC. We have discovered two deals strictly through Virtual Reality and signed one in Virtual Reality. That saved me time. I meet with VR companies in VR now, and get pitched. It’s amazing. I had one experience where I met the person in VR, and we had a couple inside jokes from the experience, and then I met them in person, and it was like we were better friends already. It was really really weird.

  • The ability for human beings to build trust through technology.

I believe that text, email and phone calls have the ability to maintain relationships, however the ability to develop and build a relationship is monopolized by in person correspondence, which is why we still spend Trillions of dollars a year on business travel. Virtual Reality is the first technology that eats the need to be in person, and picks away at that monopoly. There have already been marriages and proposals in VR, where the individuals met in VR, from different locations!

If you think about your best friends, you probably will think of a group of people who you have had experiences with in the real world. You did something ridiculous together when you were younger, which cemented the friendship. That is going to change. Experiences will move to technology.

I believe the impact of Virtual Reality will be greater than the internet. We can now build trust on the internet rather than merely communicate. But what makes the internet so amazing, its the ability to connect. That ability to connect on the internet allowed us to communicate cross boarders, it allowed software to be transported globally with a touch of a button, and it has enhanced the speed of innovation by simply existing. However, we still communicate through windows, we don’t get to express emotions and body language as well as in person… And I believe that expressing yourself and being together is the killer application of Virtual Reality, as well as just living in the world.

By Adam Draper

I ponder as a VC.

It's a quick one minute read to make you think, smile, or laugh.

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