The Next Decade

Great humans like Fred Wilson and Brian Armstrong have already written great pieces on the next decade of progress and accomplishments. I love their majors (Climate Change, plant based diets, automation, utility of crypto, the rise of the crypto startup…). I’m excited about the future, but the things that I’m fascinated by aren’t so much identifying problem/solution/opportunity, I’m fascinated with societal shifts.

What would it take for people to believe the opposite of what they believe today?

When I was growing up, we were taught to believe that playing video games too much would lead to bad grades in school. Today, there are institutions (high schools and colleges) attempting to get you to attend their school because you are good at video games, which could lead to a multi-million dollar career and celebrity status.

When I was growing up we were encouraged not to pick up hitch hikers and not to get into a strangers car. Today, between Uber, Lyft, and every other multi-billion dollar mobility startup, the world has broken that sociological barrier, and made every car, a taxi cab.

When I was growing up having things “Made in China,” meant cheaper, a worse quality product. The land of cheap labor. The United States was where all the great products and ideas were coming from. Today, from DJI, to TikTok, the export of China is becoming a better quality tech product than America.

My Societal change predictions:

  • Climate change will be solved by littering the ocean with technology products. So instead of “No littering” to save the planet, we will be compelled to throw sensors and products in to the ocean.

  • Artificial intelligence will create more jobs than ever before, in markets we would have never known existed. Rather than believing that AI will replace the jobs of today, there will be more jobs of tomorrow.

  • Fortnite will be where 90% of business gets done in the future, where today it’s where 80% of gaming is done.

  • 50% of surgeries will be done by robots. There will be hospitals built on water to travel to federal waters in order to allow surgeries happen regulatory wise.

  • Physical cities will go bankrupt, but digital cities will be full of cash.

  • The nomadic lifestyle of Native America tribes will return to the fold, and whole communities will hop from one place to the next for periods of time, based on the weather.