Touching History

Coinbase filed their S-1 today.

My grandmother, Phyllis Draper, was an amazing writer. Before she passed away, my family compiled all of her short stories into a hard bound book - “The Collected Works of Phyllis Draper.”

There is one essay titled, “Touching History,” where she recounts moments in her life where she felt that she was in the presence of a seismic shift in History. She illustrates inaugurations of presidents, funerals of world leaders and historic moments with refined accuracy.

The concept of “Touching History” struck a chord for me. The idea that you could identify that you are in the presence of an important moment and others around you are identifying that moment as well. The concept had an amazing element of human connection.

I believe that Coinbase going public is one of those moments for me. This is a turning point for the world.

Today Coinbase filed their S-1. Congratulations to all involved. We are one step closer to one global economy. One financial infrastructure for the whole planet.


“Life has a way of presenting you with luck. It’s those who take it and identify it, who will succeed.” - William Henry Draper III