Space and the Un-learned.

You know what’s cool about space? The fact that only hundreds (536) of people have ever been there to know what it’s like for an extended period of time. The rest of us Muggles (Non-magic folk) have to imagine and based on that imagination, we make predictions. Only one man has lived an entire year (340 Days) in space!!! That’s an incredible feat.

When you come back to earth, and you leave a cup or tool in the air, they fall, it drops immediately and breaks or spills. This is something that Scott Kelly, the man who lived a year in the international space station mentioned as has been cited by many astronauts as an adjustment. I think it’s fascinating, because we wouldn’t know what that would be like. We have never “unlearned gravity.”

This is the difference between experience and imagination. You can attempt to predict every possible outcome, but there are subtle consequences that no one could have predicted, your brain adapts and accepts new realities and recoils at the old reality. I think its amazing.

What do you think the “cup dropping” scenario in your industry is? As an insider in your industry your brain may have accepted something that the world might not understand as a reality.

The concept of unlearning gravity is awesome. What else can we unlearn, in order to accomplish more?

I think that right now we are on the cusp of unlearning finance and jurisdiction, Bitcoin is the first step of asking the question “What is money?” and the next question is, “What is a company?” Followed by, “What is a government?”

Every question being asked is about how to improve on our model, how do we give better services to a greater number of people. But in order to improve on it, we have to unlearn it. We need to build on it. Unlearn to build.

By Adam Draper

I ponder as a VC.

It's a quick one minute read to make you think, smile, or laugh.

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