Unstoppable + Coinbase

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9 years ago, I wrote my first check into a crypto company, the company was called Coinbase. At that time, the entire sector was called “the Bitcoin space” there were no other cryptocurrencies of note. Boost VC became the first fund to focus on founders building in that category. Since then, we have supported more than 100 crypto companies through Boost VC, including Etherscan, Wyre, Unstoppable Domains, Keep, Ripio, Aragon, Polychain, and so many more we are proud to be a part of.

This week, Unstoppable Domains is announcing that Coinbase supports payments through decentralized domain names. This is a step in the most important directions of the simplicity of transaction. Its an amazing moment between the gateway for Open Finance and the gateway for DWeb (Decentralized Web) binding their forces together to make the crypto world a better place for the next adopters to enter the industry.

I feel there are three categories in the crypto world: Cryptocurrencies, DeFi (ICOs, staking, lending), and DWeb (Freedom of speech on the web). The most important companies that emerge from each will be the largest companies on the planet in 10 years in giving the power of the web back to the consumers. I see so many similarities between DWeb and the early adopter market of Bitcoin (Cryptocurrencies). Idealism and enthusiasm being a positive in the best sense of the words.

However, the market has evolved. Idealism has also provoked entrepreneurial minds to build real businesses that translate between both worlds of the internet, the one we operate in today, and the Decentralized Web. I feel that Unstoppable is one of these startups. We are so excited to see, who I perceive as the leader in the DWeb market, finding a way to work with who is the leading gateway for Open Finance and DeFi.