Why Now?

A quick why now on AR/VR

I wrote a post about “Why Now.” A little while ago, but it has come up again.

35 years ago when my Dad fundraised for the first time, he fundraised on a two page deck for Draper Associates: What is Venture Capital? Why Now? Why Draper Associates? If you can answer these questions, it paints a pretty clear picture of what opportunity you are going after and how big it is.

I’ve started to try to think of pitches to me in terms of Why Now? Why didn’t this exist before, and what has unlocked the door to this new feature or ability. It gives you a clear visual of where to be spending your time.

In technology, the seismic shifts are caused by a binary moment or creation. It was not allowed and then it is:

GPS on Phones allowed for Uber. (Also for Plangrid for Construction tech)

Notifications on the phone allowed for WhatsApp

Where technologies before didn’t allow for the potential developments, there was a feature set that get’s flipped on and creates a wave of innovation for the consumer.

I’m a VR/AR bull. I think that it’s about to happen, and a lot of people are pointing at the Quest launch of Oculus as the reason (which is a big deal). But I believe that 5G from the carriers is about to unlock another huge feature set of XR related applications. Things that were not previously possible, will be.

By Adam Draper

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