Working From Home

Boost VC switched to a “Remote work company,” around 3 weeks ago. I’m sure this is similar to all of you. Working from home has it’s challenges for me, and I’m sure a lot of people like me are dealing with similar situations.

The home has become the office, the school, the play area and the sleeping area. We have brought all of these concepts and forced us to acclimate based on “Shelter in Place.” On the plus side, I have no commute. That’s amazing.

Have you thought about what is missing from working at home? I’ve noticed what it is over the last 3 weeks. When working from home, I’m too efficient. I get things done, but that’s it. The connection to the team is less, and so we use different “Remote Work” products in order to fill that gap:

The gap itself is interesting. I think that this mental gap comes down to one thing - serendipity. We are missing the un-quantifiable random connection. The water cooler talk that makes you smile, the spur of the moment interruption that gives you the breakthrough for your project. It’s difficult to give that “Serendipity” energy from a distance.

So for me, I’m going to work on forcing interruption, creating randomness, and over-communication. I haven’t been great at it yet, but I’m also still adjusting. Adjustment period is over now, time to create good habits for the team!

We live in an exciting times.