Thanks for the reminder! Us entrepreneurs that were previously academics especially need that hyper customer focus

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Thought you would like this, I summarized your blog post using AI, to get the most important insights from it.

The most important insights from your post according to AI:

• The writer found an old notebook that had notes from both of the startups he co-founded.

• He was able to gain insight into the issues that led to the failure of his first startup, Xpert Financial.

• The notes from his second startup, Boost VC, were vastly different, focusing on tasks that helped startups and getting in front of them.

• The notes from Xpert Financial did not include discussions about the customer or what they wanted, whereas the notes from Boost VC were only about the startup and what they needed.

• He concludes that the only thing that matters is the customer and that when in doubt, startups should default to movement.

I used these prompts:

What are the most important insights from this email as bullet points? [Email here]

With these I'm being able to go through 300 emails at record speed while retaining more information and better storing just the most valuable insights from each email :)

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