Loved seeing you describe IP and NFTs. We at entertainmint.com are utilizing web3 to solve a lot of the issues brought to the forefront with the writers strike. We breakdown the wall between creator and fans allowing a direct collaborative experience throughout the entire lifecycle of an IP.

I’d be honored to hear your thoughts on our direction, if you have 15 mins.

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I had pitched one of my startups to your Father and Team two years ago. I have a new web3 focused company that I think would interest you.

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Hey there Adam, this is the second article I think that I've seen this week about your the ethos guiding your investment decisions. Are you exploring SexTech focused ventures? In my day job, I build brand's digital experiences, like the one we did for CindyGallop.com.

My partner and I have a project we're bootstrapping called SexTechNChill.com. Our focus breaks down to Destigmatizing Sexuality. We're doing that in two ways: 1) Helping individuals overcome sexual shame for a freer, healthier, more happy society. 2) Facilitating genuine collaboration between brands, creators, and consumers based on mutual benefit - without sacrificing privacy, or relying on skeevy, and invasive tactics.

Can we talk?

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