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Dear Adam,

As a 4th grade teacher, undergraduate architecture studio instructor, Harvard graduate school of education teaching fellow, architect, designer, and of course, and most importantly, a Boost.VC founder from T14 - I agree.

Exchanges capitalize on transaction volume.

Transaction volume is a potential outcome of iteration.

Iteration (version control) captures knowledge.

The fastest way to iterate, ipso facto, produce knowledge, is to draw. [Artist]

The best artist is one who has mastered craft and technique over a lifetime. [time]

One of the best artists in America is Doug Cooper. You can see his work at the University Center in Carnegie Mellon.

That building will remain standing long after Professor Cooper passes - the art will remain. [Architecture as Art / Architect as Artist]

See D.Coop's book:


...Now I have to read more about Tokens......

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